Top 10 Best New Products, 2021 So Far 

1 - Wiz Home automation

2 - Full Colour CCTV System

3 - PZT CCTV System

4 - Wiska IP rated round enclosure

5 - OVIA Backlite LED Panel

6 - CK Cable Draw Tape

7 -  National Ventilation Positive Pressure system

8 - D-Line Safety clips

9 -Wago 60 Way Junction box

10 - Blauburg In-Line turbofan

Wiz Home automation

OCTO Logos_ WIZ Connected-01-01.png

                           OCTO WiZ Connected is the perfect solution for your residential                                    smart lighting project. Take advantage of full voice control and                                     Wifi/Bluetooth hybrid technology, with 16 million colours and 64,000 shades of white. The WiZ app offers multi-user and multi-location options, making it suitable for both new and existing homes. The WiZ technology is built into the lighting fixtures meaning no hubs or additional wiring is required. Simply turn on, pair up and you’re good to go.


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The Eagle 4MP PTZ features a powerful 30x optical zoom that is capable of covering a large range in great detail. With an IP66 rating, the camera is protected against water and dust meaning it is suitable for outdoor CCTV applications

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