As of the 29th of May, 7 Core Electrical will be offering virtual site visits.

Virtual site visits are currently only for account holding customers, should you wish to arrange a virtual site visit and don’t have an account contact your local branch of 7 Core Electrical to further discuss your requirement’s, once this is done one of our friendly internal sales team will contact the appropriate area sales manager with the relevant information to get you on your way.

To organise a site visit, send a text to 07803430561 requesting a preferred time and date, brief detail of the visit as well as meeting platform, once received our operatives will message you back confirming the appointment or offering an alternative time and date based on availability

All zoom meetings are offered in 30-minute blocks, should your visit require a longer meeting alternative arrangements can be made.

Facetime meetings are offered in 1-hour blocks, any meetings that require more time can be arranged upon request.

Meeting times are between the hours of 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, any meetings that need to be organised outside of these hours can be arranged 24 hours before the meeting.

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