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What are the rules on CCTV cameras and GDPR

The rules are different for Domestic and for Retail/Commercial. A great source of information for the rules on GDPR in a domestic dwelling is the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office). If your cameras only pick up imagery from within the boundary of your private property then you do not need to worry about GDPR, if your cameras pick up any images from your neighbours, public footpaths or the street, the general GDPR and data protection act of 2018 will apply.

A few things to think about when considering installing CCTV are the following

  • Will I benefit from CCTV?

  • Are there other things I could use to protect my house such as intelligent lighting or better exterior lighting?

  • What is the most privacy-friendly way to set up my cameras?

  • What areas need monitoring?

  • Can I position my cameras on just my property?

  • Do I need to record the images, or should I have just a live feed instead?

  • Has my CCTV system got an audio-recording facility? Audio recording is very privacy-intrusive.

If you do decide that installing a CCTV system is the best way to protect your home then you will need to put up a sign informing people that you have a CCTV system in place

If you are looking to install your CCTV system into a Commercial, Retail or Industrial environment you must adhere to GDPR rules.

As opposed to installing CCTV in a residential application, there are some things you must do regardless of the application.

  • A sign must be displayed explaining that CCTV is in use

  • Delete footage when its no longer required

  • Control the number of people that have access to the footage

  • Clearly state the reason for use

  • Create an employee privacy policy 

Information source 


Can CCTV record sound?

Yes, depending on the kit you buy. 

CCTV systems can record sound, some can be used to communicate with people on your property or even create a visual deterrent.


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Can cctv be used to monitor staff in the uk?

We frequently get asked can CCTV be used to spy on staff.

The simple answer is yes but you can't so much spy on your staff as monitor them, you must let all staff know there is CCTV recording them and create an employee privacy policy.

For more information on other GDPR related points, you need to be aware of when getting a CCTV system check out our segment "What are the rules on CCTV cameras a GDPR"


Can CCTV be used in court?

The short answer is yes, CCTV can be used in court.

The home office has a suggestion on 4 requirements for using CCTV footage in court.

  • Quality - are the pictures you're using good enough?

  • Storage - are the pictures stored appropriately and does it comply with GDPR?

  • Export - can the pictures be easily exported for legal use

  • Playback - can the pictures be easily viewed by a third party?

For more information on other GDPR related points, you need to be aware of when getting a CCTV system check out our segment "What are the rules on CCTV cameras a GDPR"

Information source 


Are CCTV cameras interchangeable?

The short answer is yes, CCTV camera can be interchangeable, but it might not be worth it.

The adaptability of a system to use a competitors camera on the hard drive will depend on the brand of the system, Most of the leading manufactures will allow competitors cameras on their hard drive.

This said, it's not an easy task and will require a few things.

As an example of this, should you be using something like the Eagle camera system and loading another brand of camera, you will need a laptop and a configuration tool like this one from Dahuawiki .

Information source


Are CCTV signs compulsory?

CCTV signs are compulsory. The only time you do not need to put up signs is when the cameras can not pick up anything other than your own property.

For more information about requirements check out our section regarding requirements

What are the rules on CCTV cameras a GDPR

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