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Unicrimp Q-Nect range

Focusing on strong, quick and reliable solutions, the new Q-Nect range offers great versatility for electrical connections. Each product is packed with features which makes your installations quicker and easier.

  • Lever Connectors, 

  • IP Junction Box, 

  • 2 & 3 Way Connection Box, 

  • 'T' & Inline Connectors

4 Pole 2 Way 24A IP68 Inline Connection Box


Technical Specifications 


Size: 24A 450V

Type: Weatherproof Connectors

Brand: Q-Nect

Finish: Black/Red

Box QTY: 1

Material: Polycarbonate

IP Rating: IP68

Standards: View here

Temp Rating: -40 to +105

To aid installation, the hinged lid enables quick and easy access with suitable fixing points provided, allowing you to fix the Connection Box wherever is best suited.†Our IP rated Connection Boxes come pre-installed with IP-rated nylon glands. The nylon glands provide a dust and watertight seal, excellent strain relief and cable protection. The IP68 Connection Box prevents exposure with a great sealing performance. It can withstand dust, dirt and sand, making it perfect for multiple installations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Hingled Lid,

  • Wall Mountable,

  • Pre Fitted Glands,

  • IP68 Rated,

  • 4 pole terminal block,

  • Accepts cable upto 2.5mm≤,

  • Submersible to 1 metre,

IP66 Weatherproof Enclosure Black


Technical Specifications 


Size: 85x85x52mm

Type: Weatherproof Connectors

Brand: Q-Nect

Finish: Black (RAL 9017)

Box QTY: 1

Material: Polycarbonate

IP Rating: IP66

Standards: View here 

Temp Rating: -30 to +120

The IP Box can house 4 x 3 Port Lever Connectors (QL3322) using the 360-degree detachable cradle. The IP Box also utilises a curved lid which provides additional space for wires, the lid is locked using 1/4 turn fasteners.†Protection against moisture and dust is assisted with the self-sealing membranes providing a faster and more secure cable entry while maintaining the IP66 rating. The IP Box gives you the option to fix directly to a wall using 4 screws into the pre-moulded holes in the base. Or use the detachable wall clip which requires just 2 screws. Our Junction Box gives you the option of using up to 8 M20 cable glands. The M20 threaded entries with membrane ensure the IP rating is maintained without the use of tools or locknuts.

Features and Benefits:

  • IP66 rated,

  • 85x85x52mm,

  • 10 Membrane Entries,

  • 360o detachable cradle†,

  • Threaded gland entries,

  • Separate mounting bracket,

  • Quarter-turn cover screws,

  • Rear membrane entries,

32A 450V 5 Port Lever Wire Connectors


Technical Specifications 

SKU: QL5322

Size: 32A 450V

Type: Lever Wire Connectors

Brand: Q-Nect

Finish: Clear

Box QTY: 30

Material: Polycarbonate

IP Rating: N/A

Standards: View here 

Temp Rating: 85 Max.

Suitable for solid, stranded and flexible cable types, the lever-operated connectors use screwless spring clamp technology, which means there is no need for any tools.†The inspection window allows for quick and easy testing while the Lever Connector is installed. The inspection window is located at the top of the Lever Connector. Our Lever Connectors offer a robust and reliable connection with a conductor range of 0.2 ñ 4mm. Because they are reusable, they are the perfect solution for temporary or mobile installations. All of our Q-Nect Lever Connectors are transparent. This allows you to easily see if your wires are positioned correctly inside. Making sure you get the best connection possible.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast & Easy to Use

  • Inspection Window

  • Secure Connections

  • Transparent Housing

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