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Ohme Smart EV Chargers

Whats New at 7 Core

You could save up to £600 per year smart charging with Ohme.

Ohme offers an EV Smart charging solution for your home that protects your car, your purse, and our planet. They provide some reasons why home charging will benefit you:

  • Smart - Their intelligent tech integrates with your energy tariff so you can charge at the cheapest times.

  • Reliable - Ohme enables you to take control of your charging and feel confident that your car will be ready to go when you are.

  • Easy - Ohme are here for you when you need them to maximise your charging experience.

Why charge with Ohme? 

  • Setting up is simple - An easy installation process and app will have you charging in no time at all

  • Smart technology - Over-the-air tech updates to keep you ahead of the charging curve

  • Low cost charging - Ohme charges at the cheapestand greenest times for you*

  • Customer obsessed - Our expert customer care team are always here to help you

*Based on using a Time of Use or EV specific energy tariff and driving 14,000 miles a year.  

Who are Ohme?

Ohme’s on a mission to speed up the global transition to clean energy by providing an easy-to-use smart charging system.  

Ohme offers you a home charger that protects your car, your purse, and our planet. Our smart tech integrates with all energy tariffs, allowing customers to charge at the cheapest and greenest times available. UK drivers could save more than £600* per year smart charging with Ohme compared to a standard charger and tariff. Download the Ohme app, plug-in, and Ohme will take care of the rest. 

*Based on using a Time of Use or EV specific energy tariff and driving 14,000 miles a year. 

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Ohme ePod

The all-new Ohme ePod is suitable for all types of electric vehicles featuring Ohme’s class leading smart charging technology.  Its compact design makes it an ideal charger for all homes.


• Compliant with new Smart Charger Regulations

• Untethered model

• Compatible with Type 1 and Type 2 electric vehicles

• Power: 7kW (25 miles per hour)

• Charge via mobile app or interactive buttons on the ePod

• Dimensions: 230mm (H) x 140mm (W) x 100 mm (D) 

• Connection: 3G/4G for easy and reliable charging

• Over-the-air updates

• Warranty: 3 years

• Home power balancing

• In built earthing (no additional cost)


Ohme Home Pro

The Ohme Home Pro is perfect for charging your EV at home. It’s easy to install and allows you to control your EV charging via its interactive LCD screen or our trusted app.


• Tethered model

• Connector: Type 2

• Power: 7kW (25 miles per hour)

• Cable length: 8m or 5m

• Charge via the mobile app

• Dimensions: 170mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 100mm (D)

• Connection: 3G / 4G for easy set up

• Over-the-air updates

• Charge via LCD screen

• Home power balancing

• In built earthing (no additional cost)

Ohme Partners

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Products available at 7 Core

Here at 7 Core Electrical Wholesale we offer a wide variety of products to meet all your needs. We have fixtures and fittings, CCTV, solar, EV, tools, cable accessories, lighting, and wiring accessories. We carry top brands such as Scolmore, Wera, Schneider, Hager, Hispec, Ansell, Armeg and more. Our extensive range of products is perfect for any electrical project. 

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