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Why are my LED lights buzzing?

We’ve all done it, bought that beautiful centrepiece light fitting made of pure Japanese oak with decorative metal bits hand folded by the monks of Tibet (lighting designed by Luxicore Lighting obviously), had the fitting installed with Led lights, gone to turn it on and boom! There it is, that buzzing sound decides to appear, the same one that emanates from the front lawn whenever Fred, next doors son, decides to spark up his half-broken scooter.

The question is why?

Well, there are a few reasons for this, the first and most common one is that you’ve bought a dimmable lamp and the dimmer simply doesn’t work with the LED lamp you’ve bought. The easiest way to avoid this is to buy a new dimmer that has the ability to be programmed, since the discovery of the issue a few people have come up with a really positive solution but, to be honest, the best way to get the right thing is simply to get down to your local 7Core Electrical and ask for just that, a programmable LED dimmer.

So now we’ve swapped over the dimmer and the buzzing continues to sound like a swarm of hornets playing mini kazoos.

The next easy step is to check if there’s anything that might be causing interference like a TV, radio or that tesla tower you set up in the living room. If there might be anything in the room causing a frequency interference then simply switch it off and see if the buzzing stops, problem solved! This generally shouldn’t happen with the better-quality LEDs and might mean you need to look at investing in a slightly different setup in order to watch the housewives of Blackpool with the lights on.

But yet again the buzzing hasn’t stopped and all of a sudden there’s a smell like the Australians next door have thrown another shrimp on the barbie (here’s looking at you, Dave Maynard).

This is a sign of a significantly more worrying and sinister issue; this could mean that there is an electrical fault in the line and your best course of action is to turn the lights off and if you can, isolate the circuit. Once you’ve done this call a competent electrician IMMEDIATELY! It might be a 5-minute job to solve for an electrician but unchecked could lead to some serious consequences.

So hopefully after reading this you’ve ditched the Tesla tower, changed the dimmer and not needed to call out the electrician but have a beautiful centrepiece lighting without the unpleasant sounds to boot.

There are other reasons LED lamps make a buzzing sound and if the above doesn’t solve it there’s plenty of other forums and blogs that can arm you with the required knowledge but if that’s too much for you there’s plenty of lighting designers and consultants that would be happy to help (we live for this stuff let’s be honest).

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